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Structural Design Services

Structural Steel Design and Analysis

We have proficiency in delivering high quality and cost effective Structural Steel Design Services and Structural Analysis Services within quick turnaround time.

Structural Steel Design and Analysis

Tesla-JBH is an Architectural and Engineering Design firm, providing high-end Design and development services for construction projects. We have a team of Structural Engineers and Designers who have hands on experience of designing diverse structures. We provide Structural Steel Design Services and Structural Analysis for all type of structures. Our specialization continues to be in the field of Steel Design though. Our Structural Steel Design Services include bridge design, heavy machineries, sheds, factories, warehouses, multistoried residential buildings etc. We also work on designing solar panels

Tesla-JBH’s extensive BDS Structural Engineering Design Services offer Structural Engineering Drawings and calculations in order to obtain Building regulations approval for residential, industrial and commercial projects.

Our Structural Steel Design Services include Designing, Stress Analysis and Load calculations for Structural sites.

We provide the following Services

We offer the following Structural Design Services

Structural Services
  • Structural Engineering Services
  • Structural Design Services for RCC
  • Design Validation for Structures
  • Load Calculation and Analysis
  • Foundation Planning and Designing
  • Bridge Structural Design Services
  • Storage water tanks Design
  • Column beam and slab Design
  • Frame and lintel Design
  • Structural Design for composite structures

Tesla-JBH delivers Structural Designs which are cost-effective and compliant with standards applicable for typical structures and geographical locations. Sticking to compliances and regulations makes us the most sought after Structural Design Services Company. Apart from only Structural Design and Analysis Services, we offer Structural Steel Detailing Services, Structural Shop Drawing Services and Structural 3D Modeling Services to clients.

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  • “I love the work that has been done. Very fast turnaround! I really like the way they look and I think the panels you made look great. Once this project is done I have a few other renderings to be done for another major project. Thank you very much! Excellent work!”

    -Chris L

  • “Thank you and your detailer for all the hard work. I know this project has been somewhat confusing and frustrating with all the info. going back and forth; but in my 15 years of experience I have never seen a Federal job go smoothly or as expected.”


  • “Yes, that is good. Thank you Amy. Thank you for proceeding with the work and completing it-you are so good!”


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