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CAD & BIM Services

CAD & BIM Services

Tesla-JBH is an CAD Outsourcing Company delivering end-to-end CAD services, 2D Drafting Services, Revit Modeling Services and MEP Services across US.

CAD & BIM Services

Tesla-JBH is an Architectural and Engineering Company delivering end-to-end Building Design Solutions across United States. We have expertise in managing complex projects through completion across diverse industries. Tesla-JBH has a proven track record of working across different domains and verticals.

Our Services cater to the following industry segments :

  • Construction Industry
  • Hospitality and Healthcare
  • Education sector
  • Oil and Gas
  • Architecture and Interior
  • Fabrication
  • Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure and surveying

We provide Architectural, Structural, MEP and Mechanical services at cost-effective prices. These include CAD Drafting Services, Revit BIM Modeling, Structural Steel Detailing, Mechanical Design & Drafting Services, MEP Shop Drawings, MEP 3D Modeling, Revit Family Creation Services, Coordination Drawings and so on. We also have local offices to provide optimum services and quick responses.

Some of our Services are listed below

CAD and BIM Services
  • Architectural CAD Services
  • CAD Drafting Services
  • Architectural 3D Renderings
  • Revit BIM Services
  • Construction Drawings
  • Revit Modeling Services
  • Coordination Modeling
  • Clash Point Detection
  • BIM Coordination Drawings
  • Revit Family Creation
  • Mechanical Services
  • Structural Services
  • MEP Services
  • Sustainable Building Design
  • Structural Steel Detailing
  • Energy Modeling

We follow a result driven work process. Our pricing and execution process is customized based on client requirement. Our Engineering staff and Architects work in synergy by providing valuable design inputs during project execution.

Our team encompasses of Architects, Engineers, Modelers and Detailers with an enviable track record. Click here to look at our case studies

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  • “I love the work that has been done. Very fast turnaround! I really like the way they look and I think the panels you made look great. Once this project is done I have a few other renderings to be done for another major project. Thank you very much! Excellent work!”

    -Chris L

  • “Thank you and your detailer for all the hard work. I know this project has been somewhat confusing and frustrating with all the info. going back and forth; but in my 15 years of experience I have never seen a Federal job go smoothly or as expected.”


  • “Yes, that is good. Thank you Amy. Thank you for proceeding with the work and completing it-you are so good!”


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