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F.I.U Projects

Name of Building: FIU Student Academic Center

Country: - USA

Type of Building: - Commercial

Numbers of floor: -4 floors including roof

Nature of the project: structural steel detailing and Shop Drawings

Size of project: Medium Scale

Project Description: This was a Student Academic Center project. We were responsible for the steel detailing scope of work.

Inputs : Architectural and Structural Drawings (Design and Details)


  • Anchor Bolt Plan
  • Erection Plans
  • Sections and Details
  • Brace Elevations
  • Stair and Handrail Details
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Part Drawings
  • Reports (Assembly List, Part List, Bolt List, etc.)
  • .nc Files (If Required)
  • Fabtrol Report

Client Name: Balfour Beatty

  • FEA Stress Analysis
  • Mechanical 3D Samples

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