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BIM Services

CAD to BIM Services

BIM Conversion Services, CAD Drafting to BIM, BIM Services

Tesla-JBH is renowned for its capabilities in the field of Architectural Design Services, CAD Services and BIM Services. We help construction companies implement BIM services by transforming their existing 2D CAD Drawings into usable BIM Models. We offer detailed CAD to BIM Services which can be later developed into high quality parametric 3D Revit Models, 4D BIM Models, 5D BIM Models and Construction Drawings. We also convert as built drawings to Revit 3d models that are extremely essential for renovation projects. CAD to BIM Services helps in retaining critical building information by converting. Storing these physical 2D CAD Drawings in digital format also help saving storage space in your architectural office.

Tesla-JBH provides complete building design solutions right from conceptualization till developing As-built BIM Model or Drawings. We also detail, develop and retain all building data within one BIM model thus opting for the integrated project delivery approach. Though CAD to BIM Services, we can convert basic 2D CAD Drawings into a parametric 3d BIM Model, further develop into a 4D BIM Models or 5D BIM Models.

Our CAD Drafting to BIM Services includes:

Building Information Modeling
  • BIM Conversion Services
  • 2D CAD Drafting to 3d BIM Models
  • 2D CAD Drafting to 4D BIM Models
  • 2D CAD Drafting to 5D BIM Models
  • As built Drawing to BIM Models
  • Architectural CAD Drafting to BIM
  • Structural CAD Drafting to BIM
  • MEP CAD Drafting to BIM
  • As built Documentation

Tesla-JBH has Architects and Engineers well proficient in CAD as well as BIM, hence can offer high end BIM services. We are one of the sought after firms providing BIM Conversion Services in the US. You can send us 2D CAD floor plans, 2D elevations, sections in AutoCAD format, pdf format, rough sketch or other file formats. With the help of BIM Conversion services, we can develop high quality and intelligent BIM models in Revit or any other BIM software.

CAD to BIM Services are extremely helpful for renovation of an existing building. We can transform CAD Drawings into 3D BIM Model, to make relevant changes in a model for further requirements. These models can help us derive schedules, clash reports, project costing and complete building data of a building in an existing state and how it will look after renovation all under the same Revit 3D Model.

To know more on CAD Drafting to BIM Services email us on projects@jbhtesla.com You or download our samples from bim projects.

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  • “I love the work that has been done. Very fast turnaround! I really like the way they look and I think the panels you made look great. Once this project is done I have a few other renderings to be done for another major project. Thank you very much! Excellent work!”

    -Chris L

  • “Thank you and your detailer for all the hard work. I know this project has been somewhat confusing and frustrating with all the info. going back and forth; but in my 15 years of experience I have never seen a Federal job go smoothly or as expected.”


  • “Yes, that is good. Thank you Amy. Thank you for proceeding with the work and completing it-you are so good!”


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