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What are the different options within Modify tab that help in governing element selection?

The modify tab of Revit building design software contains some of the most remarkable options which are highly significant for design and construction professionals when it comes to governing element selection in Revit. For dealing with specific design situations in Revit, users are always required to deal with elements for which they have to select them, and for appropriate selection of design elements utilization of relevant option are necessary. For availing a variety of options for the selection of elements, design and construction professionals have to click Select option that is incorporated within Modify tool in Revit.

Options within Modify tab that help in governing element selection

  • For obtaining appropriate options for element selection, Revit users are required to click Select option that is included within the Modify tab.
  • Once the select option is clicked by Revit users it results into the enlargement of drop-down option, which carries important element selection options.
  • For example, when it comes to dealing with the selection of linked elements, the drop-down menu contains an option called Select link which can be utilized by Revit users.
  • Select link option can be used for by Revit users for selecting a complete linked file as well as for selecting its specific elements.
  • Linked files can include Revit models, comprehensive CAD drawings (CAD files) and point cloud files.
  • So when these files are linked to a Revit model, then for selecting their elements Revit modelers are required to use Select Links option from the drop-down menu which opens when select option within modify tab is clicked.
  • The drop-down menu also contains an option called Select underlay elements which should only be utilized by Revit users when they deal with the elements which are accommodated in an underlay.
  • Another option that is available for the use of Revit users within drop-down menu is Select pinned elements.
  • This option should be optimized in those situations when Revit users want to select a pinned element.
  • Pinned elements are those elements which are locked by Revit users in a specific place so that they cannot be moved by them by mistake.
  • The last option in the drop-down menu is ‘Drag elements on selection’ which is utilized for dragging unselected elements.

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