What all new features Revit Structure 2016 has brought for Structural Engineers?

Revit Structure is one of the Revit versions and it is extensively used by the 3D modelers, structural engineers, contractors, subcontractors and other construction and design professionals for developing structural designs of different types of structures. The Revit Structure 2016, new update of Revit, has brought many features and enhancements for its users.

Important features of Revit Structure 2016 –

  • Structural Steel Profiles
  • Truss chord rotation
  • Rebar placement
  • Structural analysis toolkit
  • Area loads
  • Elevation Parameters
  • Release and member forces
  • Rebar display performance
  • Rebar shapes in paths
  • Rebar scheduling
  • Local coordinate system

Structural Steel Profiles

Revit Structure 2016 assists its users to integrate fabrication and analysis software with this software that basically helps them in performing data transfer, collaboration and reusing smart, data rich models. One of the prime requirements here is to have a central, robust set of data pertain to section shape, structural performance and other important properties like fabrication data for bolt and weld sizing. This requirement now has been fulfilled by the structural section properties along with an extended set of framing families (it provides comprehensive information like section shapes, a logical set of dimensions, etc.) of Revit Structure 2016.

Reinforcement – New Features and Improvements

In Revit Structure 2016, the Reinforcement Settings Dialog box has a few new enhancements that help the rounding method to be set effectively.

Autodesk has provided its users 3 new parameters, they are –

  • Host Mark
  • Host Category
  • Host Count

These parameters help in creating RC schedules in an effective manner.

Rebar Performance Improvements

In the previous updates of Revit Structure, Autodesk brought special element for rebar that performed in an effective manner and behaved a bit different from standard Revit elements. The new update of Revit 2016 has brought some very intelligent tools that adapt the views based on zoom levels and view extents.

Rebar Placement

Revit 2016 has brought some important placement improvements effectively.

Using shapes in Structural Path Reinforcement

Users can now utilize the Structural Path Reinforcement tool that helps them to place other rebar shapes along a path.

Hence, these are the some important enhancements of Revit Structure 2016.

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